Thrombosis, a poem

July 18, 2023

Thrombosis – a poem
Written by ChatGPT and Gabriela Cesarman-Maus, M.D.

In the confines of our veins, unseen,
Lurks a foe, a silent threat, we deem.
Thrombosis, a stealthy foe in disguise,
Seizing our vitality, catching us by surprise.

A clot, a blockage, disrupting flow,
In arteries or veins, it starts to grow.
A stagnant obstruction, a dangerous plight,
Impeding our circulation, stealing our light.

It begins within, a cascade of events,
An imbalance, a disruption, our body resents.
When blood turns sluggish, slow to depart,
A clot forms, a vicious work of art.

Deep vein thrombosis, hidden and sly,
Seduces the limbs, where it chooses to lie.
Aching, swelling, a heaviness felt,
As the clot tightens its venomous belt.

Pulmonary embolism, a terror in disguise,
A clot breaks free, soaring through skies.
Lungs gasping for breath, a struggle for air,
Life hanging in balance, an ominous affair.

We fight against this unseen invader,
With anticoagulants, the heart’s crusader.
Awareness, prevention, keys to the fight,
To ward off thrombosis, champion the light.

So let us be vigilant, minds wide awake,
Promoting circulation, for our health’s sake.
Let not thrombosis claim victory unchallenged,
A battle we must wage, until it is vanquished.


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