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World Thrombosis Day takes place on October 13!

Shining a spotlight on thrombosis

World Thrombosis Day, founded by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), is a global initiative held annually on October 13th. Our mission is to raise awareness about thrombosis, a condition often underestimated and misunderstood. Your participation can help inspire positive change and ensure that more individuals are informed, protected and empowered against this often silent threat. Join us today and share your story to be a catalyst for a healthier and safer future for all.

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Why Thrombosis?

1 in 0
people worldwide die from conditions caused by thrombosis.
of venous clots occur during or after hospitalization, making hospital-associated clots a leading cause of preventable hospital death.
An estimated 10M cases of hospital associated clots occur annually across all countries in the world – low, middle and high-income.
Patients and Caregivers

Feeling Empowered as a Patient is Life-Changing

As a patient, personal empowerment, or learning as much as you can about your health problem is important because it puts you at the heart of healthcare which maximizes your benefits. This provides you with information to understand your immediate treatment and long-term care plan, helps provide a more positive healthcare experience for you and controls your healthcare costs. This platform is designed with the patient in mind providing you with the tools and the opportunity to take control of your health journey.

Share Your Personal Story

Know Thrombosis

Learn about thrombosis including the risk factors, signs and symptoms.

Support for You

Learn about the support available to help advocate for your health and navigate your recovery journey.

Get Involved

Learn more about upcoming World Thrombosis Day activities and how to get involved.


Stories of Strength and Survival

Blood clots affect millions of people worldwide, from various ages, ethnicities and locations. We are proud to share these stories of strength and resilience.

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VTE Risk Assessment

The campaign offers a timely opportunity to discuss, update or establish an organization’s VTE policy. While there is no universal policy on VTE prevention, several models do exist. Learn more.

ISTH Academy Thrombosis Resources

The ISTH Academy offers the latest resources and information on thrombosis and other bleeding conditions. These resources include abstracts, journal articles, recorded webinars, webcasts and more.

Share Resources With Your Patients

Review campaign resources and provide them to recently diagnosed patients who are seeking guidance and support.

Healthcare Professionals

Know Thrombosis

Healthcare professionals worldwide should be acutely aware of the risk of blood clots in clinical settings. Blood clots, particularly deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE), together venous thromboembolism (VTE), pose a significant health threat to patients. These potentially life-threatening conditions can manifest silently and without warning, making vigilance and knowledge crucial. Healthcare providers should recognize the risk factors, which include prolonged immobility, surgery, trauma, cancer, and certain medications, among others. Timely risk assessment, prophylaxis, and early detection are essential components of preventing thrombotic events. Moreover, understanding regional and patient-specific factors that may influence clotting risk is paramount, as individual susceptibility can vary. By staying informed about the latest research, guidelines, and preventive strategies, healthcare professionals can play a pivotal role in reducing the global burden of thrombosis-related morbidity and mortality.

World Thrombosis Day, a global campaign of the ISTH, provides healthcare professionals with up-to-date scientific research, news and clinical recommendations.

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