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Feeling empowered can help you recognize and prevent blood clots

Empowered patients play a pivotal role in recognizing and preventing blood clots, a risk that exists across a spectrum of healthcare contexts. This comprehensive fact sheet equips patients and their advocates with essential knowledge about the risk factors, early warning signs, and symptoms associated with blood clots. Furthermore, it empowers them with actionable steps to proactively reduce the likelihood of encountering this potentially severe health concern. By educating and engaging patients, we transform them into proactive partners in their healthcare journey, enhancing their ability to safeguard their well-being and potentially avert critical complications. Knowledge is the key, and this fact sheet serves as an invaluable tool in empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

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Becoming an Informed Patient

Becoming an informed patient, especially when dealing with blood clot-related issues, is absolutely crucial. Knowledge is your most powerful tool in understanding the risks, recognizing symptoms, and making informed decisions about your healthcare. When you’re well-informed, you can actively engage with your healthcare providers, ask the right questions, and actively participate in your treatment plan. In the context of blood clots, being informed can mean the difference between early intervention and potentially life-threatening complications. It empowers you to advocate for your health, follow preventive measures, and take control of your well-being. So, embrace the role of an informed patient—it’s your first step towards better health and peace of mind.

Questions to Ask

We Can Create Change Together

Join us in taking the pledge that could save lives. By signing, you’re asserting your right as a patient to be evaluated for your risk of developing VTE (venous thromboembolism) and committing to advocate for your health. You pledge to actively engage with healthcare professionals to understand your risk and preventive measures. Moreover, you’re promising to educate yourself about the signs and symptoms of DVT or PE (deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism) and, if ever in doubt, seek prompt medical attention. It’s a pledge that empowers you to be an active participant in your healthcare journey, ensuring your well-being is a top priority. Sign today and make your commitment to better health known.

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COVID-19 and Thrombosis

Learn the latest on COVID-19 and thrombosis from campaign experts.

Cancer and Thrombosis

The World Thrombosis Day campaign offers resources on various types of thrombosis as well as the signs, symptoms and risk factors. Whether you are a patient, survivor, caregiver, or healthcare professional, download these materials and share them with your community.

Learn the Signs, Symptoms and Risk Factors of Thrombosis

The World Thrombosis Day campaign offers resources that cover various types of thrombosis as well as the signs, symptoms and risk factors. Whether you are a patient or a caregiver, please download these materials and share them far and wide.

Learn About Thrombosis

What is Thrombosis?

Learn more about thrombosis, which is commonly referred to as a blood clot.

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Thrombosis Treatment

There are several treatment options for blood clots. Learn the latest below.

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Thrombosis Recovery

Understanding the recovery process can make you feel more empowered.

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Get Involved with World Thrombosis Day

If you are interested in helping to educate others about thrombosis, join the campaign!

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Stories of Strength and Survival

Blood clots affect millions of people worldwide, from various ages, ethnicities and locations. World Thrombosis Day is proud to share these stories of strength and resilience.

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