Move Against Thrombosis

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Move Against Thrombosis

Thrombosis, commonly known as blood clots, is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. In fact, one in four people worldwide are dying from conditions related to blood clots—a significant driver in morbidity and mortality.

A World Thrombosis Day study revealed that approximately 10 million diagnosed cases of blood clots occur annually across low, middle and high income countries.

But there is good news: You can make a difference and help save lives.

Join the World Thrombosis Day campaign to raise awareness, share education and help prevent blood clots. Working as a global community, the World Thrombosis Day campaign urges partners and supporters to unite in the effort to move against thrombosis.


Why Move Against Thrombosis?

Sitting for a long time without getting up and walking around can cause blood to pool in the veins, which can lead to blood clots. An individual can lower his or her risk of getting a blood clot by getting up and moving at least once an hour. Movement, including stretching, walking or any type of exercise, improves circulation and lowers the risk for clotting.

Invite the community to raise awareness about the risk factors, signs and symptoms and to seek immediate medical attention if needed. Let’s work together and move against thrombosis!

Get up and move with us

10 Easy Ways to Move Against Thrombosis 

  1. Go on a walk outside either on your own or with a loved one.
  2. Set a timer to stand up and stretch once an hour for five minutes.
  3. Try a new workout or exercise regimen. Search for new workout videos online or sign up for a class at a local gym.
  4. If sitting for long periods while working, try a standing desk set-up or take a break from work to stand and stretch frequently.
  5. Join a walking challenge. Walking challenges can be virtual or in-person; they are a great way to stay motivated and meet movement goals.
  6. Dance! Take 10 minutes of the day to dance at home with your children, friends or loved ones. Dancing is a great way to move and increase circulation.
  7. Take breaks on a road trip. If sitting in the car for long periods, stop each hour to get out of the car and walk around for a few minutes.
  8. If you are a healthcare professional, encourage patients to incorporate at least 30 minutes of movement into their daily routine to lower their blood clot risk.
  9. Raise your legs six inches above your heart from time to time. This helps to increase blood flow.
  10. Take a yoga class to move your body and relax your mind.

Make a Donation

The World Thrombosis Day campaign relies on its supporters and donors to provide the best education and resources each year. If you would like to make a financial donation to the World Thrombosis Day campaign, please follow the link below.

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Share Your Story

Blood clot survivors around the world are sharing their stories with World Thrombosis Day to raise awareness and recognize their resilience. We want to hear from you! Share your story of strength and determination to inspire others.

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