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Justine Ezarik – a.k.a. iJustine

From YouTuber iJustine, 38, details struggle with life-threatening blood clot: ‘Basically bedridden’
When Justine Ezarik noticed her arm swell and turn purple, she thought she had a blood clot. She was later diagnosed with a rare clotting condition that often impacts athletes.

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Blood clot survivors around the world are sharing their inspiring stories through the new #MyClotStory campaign. Click on a thumbnail to read each #MyClotStory. If you are interested in sharing a submission for #MyClotStory, complete the online form here.

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Survivor Selfies

Survivors from around the world are sharing their survivor selfies on World Thrombosis Day to build awareness in their communities and online. See our photo gallery below.

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Personal Stories

Blood clots affect millions of people worldwide, from various ages, ethnicities and locations. World Thrombosis Day is proud to share these stories of strength and resilience.

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