Amplify Your Impact: 50 Innovative Ways to Participate in World Thrombosis Day

June 19, 2023

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the World Thrombosis Day (WTD) campaign! Consider these 50 innovative ways to participate and support the WTD campaign. Our curated list of fresh and exciting ideas will help you recognize this momentous occasion and spread awareness about thrombosis. From creating impactful infographics and engaging videos to organizing interactive live Q&A sessions and launching inspiring social media challenges, there are endless opportunities to make a difference. Join us in commemorating a decade of impactful campaigns and utilize the power of social media to raise awareness about thrombosis like never before. Get involved today and be a part of the global movement.

  1. Share personal stories from individuals affected by blood clots, highlighting their journey and lessons learned.
  2. Post informative videos explaining the causes, symptoms and prevention of blood clots. Take a look at the WTD YouTube for videos to share.
  3. Use WTD social media graphics to create engaging infographics with key facts and statistics about blood clots. Take a look at the social media resources here. 
  4. Share inspiring quotes related to blood clots awareness and prevention on your social media channels.
  5. Run a social media campaign encouraging followers to share their own experiences with blood clots using #WTDay23 and #WorldThrombosisDay
  6. Host a live Q&A session with a healthcare professional to answer questions about blood clots.
  7. Collaborate with influencers or bloggers in the healthcare field to spread awareness about blood clots.
  8. Share links to reputable resources and articles related to blood clots prevention and treatment.
  9. Post daily tips on reducing the risk of blood clots, such as staying active and maintaining a healthy diet.
  10. Share compelling stories of individuals who have overcome blood clots and are leading healthy lives.
  11. Conduct polls or surveys to gauge followers’ knowledge about blood clots and raise awareness through the results.
  12. Create visually appealing images with important blood clot facts and share them on social media.
  13. Encourage your network to participate in WTD’s global virtual activities such as the Twitter Town Hall (#ClotChat), the educational webinar and the 60 for 60 Challenge.
  14. Share success stories of organizations or initiatives making a significant impact in blood clot prevention.
  15. Reach out to your local media and invite them to publish a news story in recognition of WTD on October 13.
  16. Conduct a social media contest with blood clot-related quizzes and offer prizes to winners.
  17. Collaborate with other organizations or healthcare providers to cross-promote blood clot awareness content.
  18. Share testimonials from healthcare professionals discussing the importance of blood clot awareness.
  19. Organize a virtual fundraising campaign to support blood clot research and education.
  20. Use social media stories to share quick tips, facts, and reminders about blood clots.
  21. Download and print a poster or infographic from the WTD website and post it in your local community.
  22. Share information about the latest research and developments in blood clot prevention and treatment.
  23. Create short educational videos explaining different types of blood clots, such as deep vein blood clots (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). You can also use the WTD videos on YouTube.
  24. Share links to blood clot-related podcasts or interviews with experts in the field.
  25. Post before-and-after stories of individuals who have made lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of blood clots.
  26. Collaborate with patient advocacy groups to amplify the reach of blood clots awareness messages.
  27. Use social media live sessions to demonstrate simple exercises or stretches that promote healthy circulation.
  28. Share graphics or images that compare the symptoms of blood clots to common ailments to increase awareness.
  29. Highlight the importance of blood clot prevention during long-distance travel through informative posts.
  30. Organize a WTD parade, flash dance or any type of community activity to encourage the public to #MoveAgainstThrombosis.
  31. Post updates about local blood clot awareness events happening in different regions.
  32. Share relevant research studies or publications related to blood clot prevention and treatment. Take a look at the WTD publications here.
  33. Create shareable social media cards with quick facts about blood clots and post them regularly.
  34. Encourage followers to participate in a virtual walk or run event to raise funds for blood clot awareness.
  35. Invite friends to go on a bike ride or exercise activity together and post on social media in honor of WTD.
  36. Conduct interviews with healthcare professionals or researchers working in the field of blood clots.
  37. Share quick tips for maintaining healthy blood circulation, such as avoiding prolonged sitting or standing.
  38. Host an in-person or virtual fitness class with a fitness instructor.
  39. Share links to online resources and support groups for individuals affected.
  40. Create and share interactive quizzes or puzzles related to blood clots to engage followers and test their knowledge.
  41. Feature guest blog posts from healthcare professionals, researchers, or patient advocates discussing various aspects of blood clots.
  42. Organize a virtual panel discussion with experts in blood clot prevention and treatment, addressing common misconceptions and answering audience questions.
  43. Share tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that reduces the risk of blood clots, such as regular exercise and balanced nutrition.
  44. Collaborate with graphic designers or use Canva to create visually appealing social media graphics illustrating the signs and symptoms of blood clots.
  45. Share inspiring stories of individuals who have turned their experience with blood clots into advocacy and awareness campaigns.
  46. Host an Instagram or Facebook Live session with a blood clot expert, providing insights and answering live questions from followers.
  47. Share informative blog posts or articles about the latest advancements in blood clot research and treatment options.
  48. Host a community dog walk in honor of WTD.
  49. Collaborate with local businesses or organizations to sponsor a virtual blood clots awareness event and promote it on social media.
  50. Use the #WorldThrombosisDay hashtags when posting and tag WTD for additional exposure: #WTDay23 #WorldThrombosisDay #MoveAgainstThrombosis

Questions about how to get started? Contact the WTD campaign team at

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