World Thrombosis Day’s 60 for 60 Fitness Challenge

Join World Thrombosis Day’s 60 for 60 Fitness Challenge

The World Thrombosis Day (WTD) campaign celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2023 by hosting an exciting fitness challenge for the global WTD community! Are you up for the challenge?

The WTD 60 for 60 Challenge invites you to move against thrombosis by getting up and moving every 60 minutes for 60 seconds from October 1 until October 13, the date of WTD! Sign up online to get your blood flowing to help raise awareness about blood clots.

The WTD 60 for 60 Fitness Challenge is supported by Cardinal Health.

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Why 60 for 60?

The 60 for 60 Challenge shines a spotlight on the fact that 60% of blood clot cases occur during or after hospitalization, making it a leading preventable cause of hospital death. Together, let’s elevate awareness of this statistic, discuss prevention strategies and help save lives.

Are you up for the challenge?
Sign up to join the 60 for 60 Challenge and participate as many times as you can starting on October 1 through October 13, on the date of WTD. Use the hashtag #WTD60for60 on social media to share your participation. Ask your family, friends, and colleagues to join and even bring your pets along for the movement fun!

Three participants will be chosen at random to win a prize (worth up to $200 USD) for participating, but you must sign up to register for the challenge, and post your movement on social using #WTD60for60 to win. Don’t forget to post follow WTD on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Let’s get up and Move Against Thrombosis during the WTD 60 for 60 Challenge. Sign up below to pledge your participation and get updates on the challenge!

WTD’s 60 for 60 Challenge: Frequently Asked Questions

When does it start and end?

  • WTD’s 60 for 60 Challenge begins on Sunday, October 1, and ends on Friday, October 13, on the date of WTD. Challengers are encouraged to participate all 13 days or as much as possible.

How many times a day do I need to do the challenge?

  • We welcome all levels of challengers. We recognize that all schedules and lifestyles are different. Some people will participate in the challenge 16 times each day, while others will be able to do the challenge 2 or 3 times per day. All participation is encouraged and celebrated.

How do I record and share my participation?

  • Get up and move at the top of every hour starting on October 1, and participate every day leading up to WTD on October 13. We recommend simply setting a timer for every 60 minutes or you can use a fitness wearable device, such as a smart watch.

Record your participation by writing it down, taking a photo (selfies are perfect!), marking it in a fitness mobile app or tracking on a smart watch. All methods are welcome.

At the end of each day, share how many times you participated in the challenge that day by posting on social media using the hashtag #WTD60for60. You can share your results and include any photos you may have taken of your participation. It is simple and easy!

What are some examples of how to move against thrombosis every 60 minutes?

  • The goal of the 60 for 60 Challenge is to encourage getting the blood flowing through activity or stretching. This is a great way to reduce the risk of blood clots. Here are a few fun and simple ways to move against thrombosis include:
    • Stand up at your desk and stretch
    • Walk in place for 60 seconds
    • Dance with your children or loved ones
    • Sit and stretch by rolling your ankles while watching a show or on an airplane
    • Take your pet on a short walk
    • Try your favorite type of exercise
    • Stretch your whole body!
    • Do jumping jacks for 60 seconds
    • Try 2-3 yoga poses

Do I win or receive anything for participating in the 60 for 60 Challenge?

  • The WTD team will monitor all participation on social media using the hashtag #WTD60for60. At the conclusion of the challenge after October 13, the team will randomly select three challengers to receive a WTD prize pack worth $200 USD. In order to win, you must have registered for the challenge and be following WTD on Instagram or Facebook.

You also get exclusive access to the WTD 10th Anniversary Move Against Thrombosis Patient and Family Resource Kit for free download.

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