WTD Partner Spotlight: Thrombosis UK

February 14, 2022

WTD Partner Spotlight: Thrombosis UK

Name of Organization: Thrombosis UK

What: Registered charity in England focused on patient advocacy and healthcare professional education

Website: thrombosisuk.org

Although currently in-review, Thrombosis UK’s mission and vision are to:

Mission: Thrombosis UK works to save lives and reduce suffering caused by blood clots through raising awareness, providing support, informing research and sharing information to improve care for all those affected by thrombosis.

Vision: For everyone to be safe from avoidable thrombotic events and to know the risks, signs, and symptoms of VTE.

Background/History: Prof. Beverley Hunt and Prof. Alan Moody founded the charity in 2002. In 2016, Jo Jerrome became CEO of Thrombosis UK.

Special Recognition: Thrombosis UK received the World Thrombosis Day (WTD) 2021 Activity of the Year Award in October 2021 for its WTD activities in 2020.

Thrombosis UK Activity Highlights:

Thrombosis UK has been a WTD supporter since the campaign began in 2014. Thrombosis UK the founder of the UK’s premier thrombosis awareness event National Thrombosis Week, which takes place annually each year. National Thrombosis Week provides programming for patients, healthcare professionals, and allied health professionals. The weeklong series offers virtual and in-person patient meetings, support webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions, and ‘catch-up’ sessions.

As part of Thrombosis UK’s popular “Let’s Talk Clots” campaign, Thrombosis UK hosts the popular “Let’s Talk Clots” Virtual Conference in October as part of its WTD celebrations.

Thrombosis UK also offers virtual races, fundraising opportunities for partners and exceptional resources for patients and survivors. It also conducts research on hospital-associated venous thromboembolism (VTE) and other key topics.

Case Study – Thrombosis UK’s WTD 2020 Activities:

From July-November 2020, Thrombosis UK collaborated with regional partners to host a variety of virtual thrombosis awareness programs, totaling a global reach of more than 20 million impressions.

Virtual activities included patient support sessions and information meetings, new online resources, accredited webinars and the “Let’s Talk Clots” virtual conference with a plethora of sessions and speakers. The “Let’s Talk Clots” virtual conference provided more than 20 hours of accredited webinars delivered live and filmed to provide continued access within 24 hours of the live session.

Thrombosis UK collaborated closely with print and broadcast media to secure coverage about blood clots and share survivor stories. Its coverage included media interviews and editorials in 12+ national papers and radio stations, including the BBC Radio 4 Inside Science program, ITN news interview, The Times, and BBC Radio 4’s Today program.


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