World Thrombosis Day 2019 Plan At a Glance

March 27, 2019

Explore the World Thrombosis Day 2019 Plan

It’s time to start planning for World Thrombosis Day (WTD) 2019. WTD seeks to increase global awareness of thrombosis, including its causes, risk factors, signs/symptoms and evidence-based prevention and treatment. Ultimately, we strive to reduce death and disability caused by the condition — but we can’t do it alone. We need your help!
Please review the overarching 2019 strategies below. We invite you to join these efforts along with your planned activities to achieve our mission. Click here to download a PDF of the WTD 2019 Plan At-A-Glance.
The global campaign will deploy tactics to share stories globally. These include: continuation of the Ambassador of the Year Program, share ongoing stories in snackable creative content and invite and distribute survivor videos. We invite you to send stories to us for global distribution. Please send content to
Join us as we work to build VTE awareness during other international days throughout the year: World Health Day (April 7), Men’s Health Week (June 11-17), International Youth Day (Aug. 12), World Senior Citizens Day (Aug. 21), International Pt. Safety Day (Sept. 17), World Heart Day (Sept. 29), World Stroke Day (Oct. 29) and Universal Health Coverage Day (Dec. 12).
This year we will host our sixth annual Twitter Chat the week leading up to WTD. Additionally, we will post daily on all channels with content and exciting giveaways and invite you to send survivor selfies to inspire others. Join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and please use hashtags: #WTDay19 #KnowThrombosis #KeepLifeFlowing. Click here to follow the official WTD social media channels.
2019 is the year to engage youth and young adults ages 16-21 for WTD. We will plan a social media campaign around International Youth Day on August 12, feature 2-3 testimonials and create 1-2 new resources targeted to young adults. Does this strategy excite you? Join us for this new initiative and involve your local youth groups to increase impact!
The global campaign is focusing its global media outreach program in the following countries: U.S., Canada, U.K., Costa Rica, India, Kenya, Rwanda, Thailand, Japan and Australia. We will also make media resources available to help you – our partners and supporters – with media outreach. WTD offers a great opportunity for media attention.
We will conduct a global landscape survey of WTD partners and ISTH members to identify the number of hospitals that implement VTE risk assessment. We also plan to submit corresponding editorials to journals for inclusion. Additionally, we will help leverage important educational programming through various channels. 
This year we will launch a poster contest for health care trainees and early career professionals beginning in June. We will also be creating two new toolkits with information on cancer-associated thrombosis and gender-specific thrombosis. For 2019, we will be updating our website and providing at least five new resources for download.
The campaign has recently updated all key messages for 2019. Would you like a copy to help create alignment with existing messaging? Email us at
The WTD campaign will continue to embark on public affairs activities in the European Union and with the World Health Organization. If you have personal relationships or would like to help with these efforts, please let us know.
The WTD campaign will be filming new videos with new WTD Steering Committee Chair Beverley Hunt and others on new topics including cancer-associated thrombosis and gender-specific thrombosis. We will post on YouTube.
Questions? Contact for more information. 

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