World Thrombosis Day Activity Ideas for 2016

April 24, 2016

As a World Thrombosis Day partner, creativity and capacity are crucial to engaging the public on/around World Thrombosis Day. When building your event, think of opportunities that can educate and motivate, and consider recruiting community volunteers and thrombosis patients or health care professionals to help personify the condition.

To help you brainstorm the best event or activity to hold in your community, see a list of ideas and events that have been successfully executed by other organizations in previous years. Once you decide on the perfect activity, see the website for important resources and let us know if we can help!

Community / Work Place Activities

  • Runs/Walks/Bike Rides/Dog Walks
  • Community Flash Mob / Dance
  • Health Fair – Participate or Host
  • Community Center Display
  • Awareness-Building Sporting Event
  • Town / Neighborhood Cookout / Music Event
  • Break a Guinness Book of World Record Stat
  • Community Activity – Candle Lighting, Walk to Work Day, Office-Wide Activity (Get Up and Move Every 37 Minutes)
  • Local Celebrity Engagement – Ask for Participation
  • Light a Building or Dress a Community Statute – Red and/or Blue
  • Fly a World Thrombosis Day Flag
  • Policy Briefings; Discussions About Funding with Government Representatives
  • Partner with Other Community Organizations to Raise Awareness
  • Office Olympics Activities
  • Conferences / Meetings / Business Gatherings
  • Send Out a Mailing; Postcards
  • Leave Educational Resources at the Post Office or in Grocery Stores / Markets
  • Ask Local Cafes and Restaurants to Place Table Tents on Their Tables; Post Posters
  • Ask Your Local School or Child Care Center to Make Information Available to Families
  • Work with a Senior Center to Hold an Event or Leave Information
  • Giveaways / Prizes / Friendly Competitions to Raise Awareness
  • Golf Tournament; Information at Fairs or Seasonal Markets
  • Hot Air Balloon; Airplane with Banner
  • Bus Banners; Information in Airports and Train Stations
  • Set Up Information Tables for Giveaways at Airports or Train Stations
  • Community Giveaways, Information at Gas Stations, Rest Areas or Travel Stops
  • Give Information Out at Video Gaming Conferences / Meetings
  • Plan a Live Thrombosis Experience – Creating a Public Blood Clot to Illustrate its Impact
  • Face Painting, Hair Dyeing (red or blue)
  • Share a Story or Testimonial
  • Office Activity Outside, i.e. Walk the Block to Prevent Clots Activity for Businesses in Cities or Towns
  • Athletic Activities, i.e. Dodgeball, Foot Ball, Tennis or Other

Media Outreach

  • Media Briefings with Local Reporters – Don’t Forget to Mention World Thrombosis Day
  • Press Conference
  • Public Affairs Radio Opportunities
  • Video / Public Service Announcements
  • Media Alerts / Media Invites to Community Activities
  • Video News Release
  • Submit an Article, Op-Ed or Column to Your Local Newspaper or Online News Site
  • Send Out Press Releases / Public Service Announcements to Radio Stations
  • Drop Press Kits Off at Media Offices
  • Share Story or Testimonal with a Reporter
  • Invite Media to Your Event

Health Care / Hospital Activities

  • Free Clinics
  • Patient Education Seminars / Workshops
  • Health Fairs – Bring in Community Organizations to Participate
  • Staff Seminars / Workshops
  • Prizes, Games for Staff to Learn More
  • Free Giveaways Throughout the Day
  • Celebrate with Healthy WTD Goodies in Each Department
  • Staff an Educational Table in the Waiting Room or Registration Area
  • Flash Mob with Doctors and Staff
  • Place Information in Elevators, Escalators or Bathrooms
  • Use Banners, Posters and Other Signage to Build Awareness
  • Wear Pins, Bracelets, T-Shirts or Other WTD Branded Items
  • Doctor / Patient Briefings to Discuss Thrombosis
  • Use Annuncements in the Hospital to Share Important Messages

Online / Social Media

  • Join WTD on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snap Chat and Instagram; use Relevant Hashtags: #WTDay16 #WorldThrombosisDay #KnowThrombosis #KnowVTE #KnowAFib #KeepLifeFlowing #StopDeadlyClots #JoinWTDay16
  • Feature WTD Content on Your Website
  • Include WTD Content in Your eNewsletter
  • TwitterChat – Participate or Plan Your Own
  • Connect with Other WTD Partners on Social Media
  • Blog / Be a Guest Blogger / Contribute – Ask Other Bloggers to Participate
  • Post Videos and Share with YouTube
  • Film a Video and Post – Share with WTD Campaign to Elevate
  • Video Competition; Digital Games
  • Use Photographs; Screen Captures of Educational Resources
  • Post a Survivor Selfies – Share with WTD Campaign (350+ Submitted in 2015)
  • Post Content and Pictures in a Facebook Group / Educate Family, Friends and Colleagues Online
  • Include WTD Banners on Social Media Pages
  • Change Your Profile Picture to a WTD Picture on/Around WTD
  • Virtual Reality Experience Pertaining to Blood Clots
  • Ask Other Organizations / Individuals to Join the WTD Campaign as a Partner Online
  • Contest, Giveaways, Use of Apps

Do you have an interesting activity to submit for inclusion on this list? Let us know at


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