Twitter Chat 101: A Guide to Participating in #ClotChat

October 1, 2020

Twitter Chat 101:

If you are new to Twitter or haven’t joined a Twitter Chat before, here is a simple guide on how to participate. 

A Twitter Chat is when a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic using a designated hashtag (#ClotChat) for each tweet contributed. A moderator (@CMichaelGibson) will post questions designated with Q1, Q2, Q3… etc. to prompt responses from participants and encourage interaction from the group.

Twitter Chats are a great way to share your knowledge on the topics and to help educate and engage with others that want to learn more about blood clots.

Here are the steps to participate in the World Thrombosis Day 2020 Twitter Chat:

  1. Mark your calendar for the World Thrombosis Day Twitter Chat!
    October 13, 2020
    12:00 p.m. (US-EST)

    Topic: COVID-19, Clots & What You Need To Know 
  2. Find #ClotChat on Twitter
    When it is time to join the chat, log onto Twitter and search for the hashtag: #ClotChat  and follow along with the “Latest” tab.
    You can also use free sites such as or to follow along, but you must set those up prior to the chat.

  1. Alert your followers (optional)
    It is always polite to let your followers know that you will be attending a Twitter Chat and there will be a high volume of tweets coming out. A simple tweet like below will work:
    Going to see an influx of tweets today from #ClotChat as I join the #WTDay20 twitter chat. Feel free to join me!   
  2. Introduce Yourself: When the chat begins, introduce yourself. There will be participants from all over the world, so it is fun to see where everyone is joining from.
  3. Follow the hashtag #ClotChat and use A1, A2, A3 and #ClotChat to answer your questions.  
    You are already on the hashtag stream (step 2) so all you need to do now is read along. You may have to refresh the conversation throughout the chat.
    The moderator (@CMichaelGibson) will post questions using the format: Q1, Q2, Q3.
    Answer questions using the format A1, A2, A3… and don’t forget to use #ClotChat

The number one rule for Twitter Chats is to use the hashtag – #ClotChat and #WTDay20

  1. Retweet Answers You Like
    Share the information that you find interesting to help increase the awareness of blood clots. Also, follow the people that you find interesting during the chat. Twitter Chats are a great way to network and to share information.
  2. Final Step: Enjoy the Chat


For additional resources and information on Twitter Chats, please see below:

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