Newly Formed European Thrombosis & Haemostasis Alliance Calls for Patient Safety & Research Strategy

March 27, 2018

The European Thrombosis and Haemostasis Alliance (ETHA) has been recently formed to advocate for better awareness and prioritisation of thrombosis and haemostasis in European Union (EU) patient safety and research programmes.

ETHA, with its 21 national thrombosis and haemostasis society members, has a united focus on better addressing thrombosis, also known as clotting, and improving the understanding of haemostasis. ETHA stands to work with the public and decision-makers to share expertise in clotting and bleeding disorders, elevate patient-centric policies and promote improved outcomes in the EU. As an initial area of priority, ETHA is highlighting the urgent need to better understand the condition of thrombosis.

Read the full press release here.

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