Leading the Charge: 30 Impactful Ways for Universities and Hospitals to Champion World Thrombosis Day

June 19, 2023

There are so many different ways to support and acknowledge World Thrombosis Day (WTD) in university or hospital settings. If you’re seeking inspiration and fresh ideas to actively engage in WTD, we’ve compiled an exclusive list of 30 innovative approaches that can effectively heighten thrombosis awareness. Join us in discovering these inventive methods to make a significant impact in raising awareness about thrombosis.

If you have questions about getting your university or hospital involved in WTD, contact the WTD campaign team at wtd@isth.org.

  1. Organize an educational seminar or workshop on thrombosis awareness.
  2. Conduct a free screening session for thrombosis risk assessment.
  3. Develop and distribute WTD information sheets and educational resources within the hospital or university.
  4. Arrange a panel discussion with healthcare professionals to address the latest in thrombosis research and how to prevent venous thromboembolism (VTE).
  5. Offer training sessions for healthcare professionals on the latest advancements in thrombosis management.
  6. Host a patient support group meeting to provide a platform for sharing experiences and providing emotional support.
  7. Display informative posters or banners about thrombosis in prominent areas of the hospital or university campus. Download them from the WTD website for free. Need a specific size? Contact wtd@isth.org.
  8. Work with your university or hospital communications/marketing team to raise awareness of thrombosis and WTD on social media.
  9. Partner with local media outlets to feature articles or interviews on thrombosis prevention and treatment.
  10. Establish collaborations with other hospitals or universities to organize joint awareness events.
  11. Organize a thrombosis-themed art competition or exhibition to engage the community and patients creatively.
  12. Conduct a research study focused on thrombosis prevention, diagnosis or treatment.
  13. Host a grand rounds presentation on thrombosis-related topics for medical professionals at your hospital.
  14. Invite thrombosis survivors to share their personal stories and experiences with students or healthcare professionals.
  15. Create an interactive quiz or game to educate the public about thrombosis risk factors and symptoms.
  16. Distribute wristbands, pins or other promotional items with thrombosis awareness messages. Shop the WTD store for merchandise.
  17. Establish partnerships with local pharmacies to provide information on thrombosis prevention and medication adherence.
  18. Organize a charity walk or run to raise funds for the WTD campaign.
  19. Distribute WTD educational videos on thrombosis prevention and treatment. WTD videos are available on our YouTube channel.
  20. Collaborate with fitness centers or gyms to promote physical activity as a means to reduce thrombosis risk.
  21. Conduct outreach programs in underserved communities to raise awareness about thrombosis.
  22. Collaborate with sports clubs or teams to promote thrombosis awareness among athletes.
  23. Offer workplace seminars or webinars on thrombosis prevention for employees.
  24. Provide training for healthcare professionals on identifying and managing thrombosis-related complications.
  25. Establish partnerships with pharmaceutical companies to support thrombosis awareness campaigns.
  26. Collaborate with local restaurants or cafes to promote thrombosis awareness through special menu items or promotions.
  27. Offer educational sessions for caregivers and family members of individuals at risk of thrombosis. Resources can be downloaded from the WTD website.
  28. Organize a thrombosis-themed photo contest, encouraging participants to capture moments that promote awareness.
  29. Host a virtual conference or webinar series on thrombosis-related topics, accessible to a global audience.
  30. Engage with patient advocacy organizations to create local events related to thrombosis on WTD.

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