The History Behind the WTD Logo

December 2, 2019

Did you know that the World Thrombosis Day (WTD) campaign logo was designed by a patient?

When the WTD campaign initially launched, Pantep Angchaisuksiri, member of the WTD Steering Committee, invited his patient to design a symbol for WTD. The patient, Ekawat Suwantaroj, created a design that represents both the artery (red color) and the vein (blue color) with a clot (white circle). That design has become the well-known WTD logo that is used today to represent the campaign across the globe.

Ekawat Suwantaroj was diagnosed with severe hemophilia when he was four months old. Partly because of his health condition, drawing and painting became his favorite hobbies.

Later, Ekawat received a bachelor’s degree in Art and Design in Bangkok. After graduation, he moved to Madison, Wisconsin, where he studied Art and Design for his Master’s degree. He returned to Bangkok and worked as a graphic designer and later as owner of a Bangkok-based graphic design company, iDesign and Creation

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