51 Ways to Virtually Celebrate World Thrombosis Day 2020

August 6, 2020

The way we celebrate World Thrombosis Day may look a little different in 2020 from in the past due to COVID-19, but the need to raise awareness and spread information on thrombosis is more important than ever because of the correlation between the pandemic and thrombosis. 
There are many different ways to celebrate and this year, and together we can make a difference using our voice and making an impact online through virtual events, social media and increased messaging. 
To get started, view the list of ideas below and gather your colleagues, friends and family to help with planning and promotion! 
Don’t forget to share your event with the campaign so we can help promote it.

Submit all your events HERE.

1. Save the Date for the World Thrombosis Day global webinar and Twitter Chat both on October 13. 
2. Add a World Thrombosis Day profile frame to your social media accounts
3. Follow all the WTD accounts 
a. Facebook: @WorldThrombosisDay
b. Twitter: @ThrombosisDay
c. Instagram: @ThrombosisDay
d. Youtube: @WorldThrombosisDay
4. Change your cover photo to a WTD cover 
5. Use the #WTDay20 with all your posts and tag WTD when posting
6. Invite your health care provider’s office to become a World Thrombosis Day partner and provide materials to share with patients and on their website. 
7. Partner with your healthcare provider to participate in an online informational session for patients on the signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with thrombosis. 
8. Host online giveaways on social media while sharing key facts and information on thrombosis. 
9. Purchase and wear WTD merchandise at the online shop. 
10. Fly a WTD flag at your company, home or partner location
11. Email your public officials and share information with their staffers
12. Plan a Facebook LIVE event / activity
13. Create a series of videos on Instagram and share them in your story
14. Post content and pictures in a Facebook Group / educate family, friends and colleagues online
15. Encourage your following to join the WTD campaign
16. Share your story on social media through the #MyClotStory platform.
17. Add a #WTDay20 profile frame to your social media
18. Live tweet on World Thrombosis Day and share information using #WTDay20 – and don’t forget to tag @thrombosisday
19. Create a virtual countdown on your social media accounts leading up to #WTDay20 and share one thrombosis fact a day. 
20. Talk with peers about the importance of understanding the risk signs, and signs and symptoms in group chats online. 
21. Send e-postcards to friends with a sample VTE risk assessment and encourage them to join World Thrombosis Day
22. Send out a mailing, a personal letter, or postcard with information on the World Thrombosis Day campaign and urge your friends and family to join. 
23. Send a text message to your contacts sharing the message of World Thrombosis Day and encouraging them to join.
24. Host a Facebook watch party sharing the Ask the Expert videos. 
25. Participate in a Social Media takeover and partner with a local organization, media outlet, hospital and “take over” the account sharing World Thrombosis Day materials and information. 
26. Host a virtual town hall in recognition of World Thrombosis Day sharing the most up to date information on COVID-19 and Thrombosis
27. Create a virtual race in which participants pledge to run, walk, bike, or swim a certain distance in honor of World Thrombosis Day. Provide the top three winners a WTD prize from the shop. 
28. Create and host an online trivia game using WTD information. Provide prizes for the winners from the WTD shop. 
29. Host a zoom on World Thrombosis Day sharing ISTH academy materials for CME’s
30. Host on online workout on World Thrombosis Day to #KeepLifeFlowing
31. Host a step competition to see who can take the most steps during WTD
32. Feature WTD content on your website, blog or other social media site
33. Include WTD content in your e-newsletter or e-communication
34. Send a survey to patients on their knowledge of blood clots
35. Host on online fundraiser 
36. Organize a virtual dog walk and have participants post pictures with the tag #WTDay20 
37. Work with community officials to light up a landmark or monument 
38. Connect with other WTD partners on social media
39. Host an online health fair 
40. Invite an expert to host an online presentation to staff
41. Have your organization participate in the WTD Twitter Chat 
42. Register for the WTD webinar and have your company participate
43. Host a virtual scavenger hunt in which participants must search for information on thrombosis
44. Distribute a press releases or media alert to local journalists on World Thrombosis Day 
45. Submit an article, op-ed or column to your local newspaper or online news site on the importance of knowing the signs, symptoms and risk factors of thrombosis. 
46. Reach out to local celebrities and influencers and invite them to share information across their social channels
47. Share your story or testimonial with a reporter for coverage (be sure to share it with the global campaign)
48. Blog about World Thrombosis Day – or be a guest blogger / contribute – ask other bloggers to participate
49. Reach out to local news outlets and ask them to share information on World Thrombosis Day – use the WTD media materials to help you! 
50. Use social media to connect with journalists and media outlets sharing information and tagging them in posts
51. Invite the media to participate in the WTD Twitter Chat and webinar
Have more ideas? Send them our way and we will feature them on our social media! Email us at: wtd@isth.org 

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