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Working collaboratively with journalists from around the world

World Thrombosis Day extends a warm invitation to collaborate with journalists worldwide. With internationally-recognized medical experts at the ISTH and a treasure trove of collaboratively designed media assets, we eagerly welcome journalists seeking to craft compelling and fact-based stories.

Our team of key opinion leaders is well-prepared to engage with journalists on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), pulmonary embolism (PE), venous thromboembolism (VTE), hospital-acquired thrombosis, cancer-associated thrombosis, cardiovascular health, COVID-19 and epidemiology, genetic testing, and much more. Their expertise spans the breadth of thrombosis-related issues, and they are dedicated to providing insightful, evidence-based information that can help raise public awareness and promote better understanding of these critical health matters.

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Media Kit Resources

Informational Backgrounders

Informational Backgrounders

Gain access to topic guides and information assembled especially for members of the press


Key Terms

Key Terms

Learn more about the medical vocabulary and terminology to utilize in stories referencing thrombosis (blood clots) and other bleeding disorders.


Educational Videos

Educational Videos

Hear from world-renowned experts in the field providing more information on a myriad of topics related to blood clots


Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Review our high-res photo gallery available for download

Impactful Stories

Real-life experiences and resilience

In our ongoing mission to share compelling narratives, we invite the media to explore the profound journeys and resilience of individuals who have faced thrombosis. These inspiring stories provide a human perspective on the impact of thrombosis, shedding light on the challenges faced by patients and their remarkable journeys towards recovery.

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Covering a story and need assistance? Contact us to schedule interviews with key World Thrombosis Day spokespeople.

Melissa DiMercurio

Media Relations Manager

The World Thrombosis Day Scientific Steering Committee

Our International Experts are Available for Interviews

The World Thrombosis Day Scientific Steering Committee is comprised of globally recognized medical experts specializing in areas such as public health, hematology, thrombosis, hemostasis, vascular and general internal medicine. Each member has significant experience working with the press and lends their time to being media sources. Our internal team works closely with each member to provide training and support for efficient communication.

Lana Castellucci, MD, FRCPC, MSc

WTD Steering Committee Chair

Prof. Cihan Ay, M.D.


Stefano Barco, MD, PhD


Gabriela Cesarman-Maus, MD, PhD


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World Thrombosis Day in the News


Stories of Strength and Survival

Blood clots affect millions of people worldwide, from various ages, ethnicities and locations. World Thrombosis Day is proud to share these stories of strength and resilience.

We can also accommodate interviews with patients and survivors to share their inspiring stories.

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