Ann Marie O’Neill

Patient Representative


Ann Marie O’Neill was named the World Thrombosis Day 2023 Ambassador of the Year. She is a five-time blood clot survivor and founder of Thrombosis Ireland.

Thrombosis Ireland is a fully voluntary registered national charity set up to address the lack of any representation, support or information available to blood clot patients in Ireland.

Ann Marie is passionate about improving national and international awareness of the risks, signs and symptoms of blood clots and the importance of getting medical attention fast. Ann Marie advocates for improvements in patient care, support and education for blood clot patients and their families, from prevention to diagnosis, treatment, and through to optimal recovery.

She believes that mandatory VTE Risk Assessment in all hospitals will improve VTE patient safety in hospitals. Additionally, she also prioritizes the improvement in VTE education and awareness for health care professionals and the gathering of accurate statistics for VTE.

WTD Leaders at ISTH 2023

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