World Thrombosis Day Campaign Announces Record-Breaking Impact for Fifth Anniversary

December 18, 2018

World Thrombosis day Is the Leading Global Awareness Campaign on Blood Clotting Disorders 

CHAPEL HILL, NC, USA, December 18, 2018 — Today the World Thrombosis Day (WTD) campaign officially launched its 2018 Impact Report highlighting the powerful growth and influence of the global movement. In just five years, WTD has expanded to a leading global campaign uniting more than 1,500 partners from 100+ countries to raise awareness about thrombosis and help save lives. In 2018, WTD reached more than 3 billion impressions worldwide as a result of tremendous digital engagement and partner activities—an 11 percent increase from 2017. 

The campaign celebrated its fifth anniversary with a unique theme of “Five Years Flowing” and leveraged this milestone by expanding its global media relations efforts and healthcare professional education. WTD 2018 garnered an impressive 30 percent spike in media coverage at 2.6 billion impressions and outreach efforts were organized across seven global media market hubs. Coverage secured by campaign partner organizations includes 3,170 media stories from 35 countries. Additionally, the campaign launched education resources for healthcare professionals, including an online series on VTE in collaboration with Medscape Education. 

The WTD 2018 Impact Report also highlights the tremendous outreach and educational activities organized by partners across the globe, including more than 10,000 awareness activities. View the report to explore a sampling of these activities and see the WTD online photo gallery of all events. The campaign partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to host a WTD 2018 educational webinar with 500+ views.

Additionally, this year placed a spotlight on WTD activation and community discourse on social media. With 390 million impressions across social media platforms, thrombosis has become a widely discussed platform across channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The WTD 2018 Twitter Chat was led by Dr. C. Michael Gibson with the support from media co-hosts Everyday Health, Medscape, and The Economist Intelligence Unit. More than 100 thrombosis survivors shared their stories via survivor selfie photos and thousands added a WTD support frame to their social media photos.

The WTD campaign is grateful to its global steering committee and 15 corporate supporters for their leadership and support. By leveraging a diverse array of digital and creative engagement techniques, the campaign continues to empower and inspire billions of patients, survivors, partners and advocates across the world.

Click here to download and view the WTD 2018 Impact Report. To learn more about the WTD campaign and get involved, visit  

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