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Take action with us to build awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors of thrombosis. Together, we can save lives.

It’s a startling fact that 1 in 4 people worldwide die of conditions related to thrombosis, many of which are often preventable with awareness and knowledge.

What can you do to help? One of the best ways to save lives is to join the World Thrombosis Day campaign.

The campaign works tirelessly to educate, promote, advocate and raise awareness around thrombosis, but it takes a village to reach all corners of the globe.

To extend our reach, we need your help! Join the World Thrombosis Day to shine a spotlight on thrombosis as an urgent and growing health problem. Sign up below as a partner organization. With your partnership, we can elevate knowledge, empower communities and save lives.

By submitting this form, I and the organization I represent, are committed to being an active partner in the World Thrombosis Day global campaign and agree – within our means and abilities – to help build awareness and understanding about thrombosis. We pledge to make every effort in following the guidelines, rules and regulations provided by the ISTH for the campaign as provided in the most current partner toolkit and to act ethically and responsibly. We also agree to share our progress and results of activities before and after 13 October.

Data Privacy:
All information requested is for use in compliance with applicable international privacy protection legislation. By completing this form, I request that ISTH use this data to keep me informed of World Thrombosis Day and other relevant ISTH activities, enhance my participation in World Thrombosis Day and ISTH activities, and make my full contact details available to other WTD partners, understanding that my contact details may be made available to third parties deemed appropriate by the ISTH and, since ISTH is an international organization, may be processed in any nation of the world. I also understand and confirm that my data can be exchanged between the ISTH and partners in order to provide me with access to WTD and ISTH information and partnership benefits.

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