Partner Spotlight: University of Aberdeen (Scotland)

March 21, 2022

Are you looking for an engaging and fun World Thrombosis Day (WTD) activity to organize in your community? Here’s a great event idea inspired by one of our partners at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

In recognition of British Science Week, the thrombosis team at the University of Aberdeen conducted a blood clot educational activity aimed for young children. The thrombosis team includes Nicola Mutch, Gael Morrow, Claire Whyte, and Megan Simpson. The activity was held at the Aberdeen Science Center.

The activity used building blocks to represent the different blood cells so that the children could “build” their own blood clot. They also built blood clots from strawberry jelly using different foods to represent the blood cells: dried cranberries (red blood cells), giant cous cous (white blood cells) and quinoa (platelets).

They used empty toilet rolls to represent a blood vessel that the children could stick the different types of food stuffs in to make their own clot. They provided a small miscroscope so that the children could view the jelly blood clots.

Hats off to the team for a fun and creative activity. Thrombosis awareness and education is important for everyone, including children!



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