Awareness Press Conference for the World Thrombosis Day in Greece

12 October, 2023
11:30am - 12:00pm Europe/Athens

Athens Gears Up to Celebrate the 10th Anniversary of World Thrombosis Day with a Grand Awareness Press Conference

Athens, Greece — The Institute For The Study And Education On Thrombosis And Anti-thrombosis Therapy (ISETAT) is gearing up to host a remarkable press conference in Athens to commemorate the 10th anniversary of World Thrombosis Day. This year’s theme, “Moving Against Thrombosis,” underscores the global commitment to combat this health challenge. ISETAT, in collaboration with 19 esteemed scientific institutes specializing in thrombosis-related research, will bring together experts, healthcare professionals, media, and advocates for a day of education and prevention.

Event Details:
• Date: October 12, 2023
• Time: 11:30 AM (EET)
• Location: NJV ATHENS PLAZA HOTEL, Athens, Greece

Thrombosis remains a critical global health issue, affecting millions of lives every year. In the past decade, World Thrombosis Day, organized in Greece by ISETAT, has made significant strides in raising awareness about thrombosis. Yet, ISETAT has collaborated with 19 leading scientific institutes related to thrombosis. Each of these institutes provide a short statement related to the theme of the year, offering valuable insights into the ongoing battle against thrombosis.

The press conference will gather members of the ISETAT Board, representatives from the media, healthcare professionals, and representatives from the collaborating scientific institutes. This diverse gathering underscores the importance of a unified effort in spreading awareness and knowledge about thrombosis prevention and education.

Together, we can make a difference by spreading awareness, educating the public, and working towards a future where thrombosis is better understood and prevented.

For media inquiries, accreditation, and additional information, please contact with the Public Relation and Health Communications Agency “Alpha Public Relations”

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