World Thrombosis Day 2023 Conference

14 October, 2023
9:00am - 5:00pm Europe/Warsaw

As an official partner of World Thrombosis Day, we strive to empower patients and face the consequences of blood clots or organize the first such conference in Poland for patients after thromboembolic episodes as well as topic enthusiasts who learn more about the risk, factors, signs, and symptoms this underestimated disease.

The aim of the conference is to raise participants’ awareness, educate the community, spread information about thrombosis, exchange experiences and create a safe and friendly space where an outstanding group of doctors, other health care professionals and a person known from the world of sports will jointly educate patients, which will make this event unique. , unforgettable and having a huge impact. Its aim is also to show how to deal with these diseases in everyday life.

The conference on thrombosis will have a very practical and workshop dimension.

During the workshops, patients will be examined using a Doppler ultrasound device, heparin injection instructions will be provided using a trainer, and participants will learn the principles of proper use of compression stockings.
The event is attended by recognized authorities, distinguished and outstanding personalities from the world of medicine, distinguished in their fields.


Address: Belwederska 23, Warsaw, Poland

Categories: Conference, Awareness



Name: Thrombophilia & Thrombosis Foundation

Phone: +48505452825