World Thrombosis Day

For the Public

World Thrombosis Day is focused on building awareness of venous thromboembolism (VTE) and hospitalization as a major risk for developing blood clots in the legs and lungs. Despite the fact that VTE is commonly associated with hospitalization, it often goes unrecognized and/or undetected. Through education and outreach, the campaign highlights the following:

VTE is the leading preventable cause of hospital deaths, ahead of pneumonia and infections. If you or someone you know is being admitted to the hospital, proactively discuss VTE with the hospital's medical staff. Ask them for a VTE risk assessment to determine if you have any risk factors and whether you are at an increased chance of developing blood clots while in the hospital – or in the days or weeks after a hospital visit.

The following resources can help facilitate conversations with hospital healthcare professionals. We encourage you to read, share and take these with you in the event of a hospital stay.

For additional campaign resources, including templates for organizational events or activities, visit the WTD partners page.