World Thrombosis Day

FAQs for WTD Campaign Planners

Are there dedicated WTD social media platforms?
Yes, you can find WTD on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. Our newest platform is TikTok! Please follow us on these networks and share WTD-related posts and resources with your own audiences. We will be vigilant about sharing yours! For more information about our social media activities and official WTD hashtags, visit our Social Media page.

May I put my own logo or website URL on WTD campaign materials?
A variety of WTD campaign materials – including posters, slides/slide templates, media materials and letterhead – have space designated for your organization's logo, website URL and social media channels. It is important to note that the WTD symbol, however, cannot be altered in any way (with the exception of language translation).

What is the Burden of Disease paper and how are we to use that in our outreach efforts?
This 2014 academic paper calls attention to the magnitude of the problem, its growing incidence and urgency of detecting, preventing and treating thrombosis (and particularly VTE). The paper forms the critical underpinning for why a worldwide awareness campaign is needed, and can be referenced in your media materials and outreach.

What is the cost for using WTD materials?
It is FREE to download and use all WTD campaign materials. The ISTH owns the copyright and trademark of the World Thrombosis Day campaign and symbol. If you are not yet an official partner, join us now.

Is there official WTD merchandise that I can order for my event/activity?
Official WTD merchandise is available for purchase and can be accessed at our online shop. Partners wishing to make a large order for a WTD event or activity should take advantage of our "bulk order" option.

Will we have access to consulting support?
A toolkit with important materials can be adapted to your needs. Please email us at with any comments or questions.

Can we stage our own local events?
Absolutely! Partners are encouraged to coordinate with local thrombosis societies and other participants on activities they are conducting “in country.” Partners must absolve ISTH and local organizations from any legal liability resultant from activities.

How can my organization raise financial support for WTD activities?
In-county organizations are encouraged to reach out to their local or regional community and corporate contacts to help support WTD efforts financially and/or through in-kind services. We specifically recommend that you begin by reaching out to the local affiliates of our corporate supporters.

How should we share our progress with ISTH and other WTD partners and capture success stories?
Send all updates on events you will be hosting, local partnerships forged and media coverage to campaign organizers at Following 13 October, partner organizations will be sent a brief survey and asked to submit their in-country campaign results.