35 Ways to Raise Awareness in Your Local Community for World Thrombosis Day

June 19, 2023

Discover 35 impactful ways to actively engage in World Thrombosis Day (WTD) within your local community. Our carefully curated list provides a diverse range of effective methods to raise awareness and make a meaningful difference. Explore these innovative ideas and kickstart your preparations for October 13. Join the global movement to combat thrombosis and be a catalyst for change in your community. Together, let’s prioritize health and spread awareness.

  1. Organize a local awareness walk or run event focused on blood clot prevention and education.
  2. Host a community seminar or workshop on the signs, symptoms and prevention of thrombosis. Download materials FREE from the WTD website here.
  3. Collaborate with local healthcare providers to offer free or discounted thrombosis screenings.
  4. Distribute educational brochures and flyers about blood clot risk factors and prevention strategies in community centers, libraries and clinics. Download materials FREE from the WTD website.
  5. Reach out to local schools to conduct informative presentations on blood clots for students and teachers.
  6. Approach local media outlets to share personal stories of individuals affected by thrombosis and the importance of awareness. Use the WTD media guide for assistance.
  7. Organize a blood drive to highlight the critical need for blood donations in thrombosis treatment.
  8. Partner with gyms and fitness centers to offer blood clot awareness sessions or exercise classes to #MoveAgainstThrombosis.
  9. Host a fundraising event to support local blood clot research, patient support and/or awareness initiatives.
  10. Create a local blood clot support group where individuals affected by thrombosis can connect, share experiences and provide support to one another.
  11. Approach local pharmacies to display informational posters and pamphlets about anticoagulants. Download materials from the WTD website here.
  12. Collaborate with local healthcare professionals to conduct free thrombosis risk assessments and provide personalized prevention advice.
  13. Organize a WTD awareness campaign in partnership with local businesses, using signage, social media posts and promotional materials. Download materials from the WTD website here.
  14. Establish a community hotline or helpline to provide information and support for individuals seeking guidance on blood clot-related concerns.
  15. Approach local sports teams or fitness clubs to include blood clot awareness messages on their uniforms or equipment.
  16. Volunteer at local hospitals or clinics to raise awareness by distributing blood clot prevention materials and engaging in conversations with patients.
  17. Host a themed event, such as a health fair or wellness expo, with a dedicated area focused on blood clot education and awareness.
  18. Reach out to local senior centers or retirement communities to offer presentations on blood clot risks specific to older adults.
  19. Work with local schools to incorporate blood clot awareness into health education curriculum or as part of special events.
  20. Collaborate with local libraries to create a display featuring books and resources about blood clot prevention and treatment.
  21. Create and distribute personalized blood clot prevention toolkits containing educational materials and resources for individuals in your community. Download resources from the WTD website to assist you.
  22. Approach local civic organizations to host educational presentations on blood clots at their meetings.
  23. Organize a community art or writing contest where participants can express their thoughts and knowledge about blood clots.
  24. Engage with local government officials to advocate for policies that promote blood clot awareness and prevention in the community.
  25. Organize community seminars or workshops on the signs, symptoms and risk factors of blood clots.
  26. Distribute informational brochures and flyers about blood clot prevention and awareness in community centers, libraries, and clinics.
  27. Download and print flyers to distribute in your local community.
  28. Organize public awareness campaigns on social media platforms, using hashtags and shareable content to spread information about blood clots.
  29. Host fundraising events to support research, patient support, and awareness initiatives related to blood clot prevention.
  30. Create local support groups for individuals who have experienced blood clots, providing a space for sharing experiences and support.
  31. Approach pharmacies and clinics to display posters and informational materials about blood clot prevention near relevant medications.
  32. Collaborate with local healthcare professionals to conduct educational sessions at community centers or senior centers, focusing on blood clot risks and prevention strategies.
  33. Host a community parade or flash dance to #MoveAgainstThrombosis.
  34. Work with local schools to organize awareness campaigns targeting students, parents, and teachers about the risks and prevention of blood clots.
  35. Approach workplaces and businesses to incorporate blood clot prevention messages in employee wellness programs or newsletters.

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