World Thrombosis Day

World Thrombosis Day 2020 Advocacy Award Winners

Federica Fedele
World Thrombosis Day 2020 Activity of the Year

Thrombosis Ireland
World Thrombosis Day 2020 Ambassador of the Year


The International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH) has announced the recipients of two global thrombosis advocacy awards for its World Thrombosis Day campaign, including the inaugural World Thrombosis Day Activity of the Year Award and the Ambassador of the Year Award.

Thrombosis Ireland, a patient advocacy organization based in Dublin, Ireland, has been selected for the inaugural World Thrombosis Day Activity of the Year Award for its "Stop the Clot Roadshow." The Activity of the Year Award recognizes a World Thrombosis Day partner organization that has shown outstanding effort in developing an engaging and successful activity to raise awareness about thrombosis.

Organized in 2019, Thrombosis Ireland's Stop the Clot Roadshow featured a double-decker bus wrapped with information and resources about thrombosis. In recognition of World Thrombosis Day, the roadshow included stops at 11 hospitals in the Ireland East Hospital Group and their communities for educational presentations, exercise demonstrations and conversations with experts in the field about how to prevent hospital-associated thrombosis.

"The Stop the Clot Roadshow reached more than 2 million people in communities and hospitals across Ireland," said Ann Marie O'Neill, founder and CEO of Thrombosis Ireland, who is a blood clot survivor herself. "What started out as just an idea, turned into an incredibly successful awareness campaign across the country for World Thrombosis Day. It was such a unique opportunity to spread the word about thrombosis in a fun and creative way."

Ann Marie O'Neill Shares How Thrombosis Ireland Organized its Stop the Clot Roadshow

As part of its award package, Thrombosis Ireland will receive a complimentary booth space and travel stipend to participate in the next ISTH annual congress, as well as a World Thrombosis Day prize pack to use at Thrombosis Ireland's upcoming events and activities. Federica Fedele of Milan, Italy, has been named the World Thrombosis Day 2020 Ambassador of the Year in recognition of her extraordinary commitment to achieving the mission of the World Thrombosis Day campaign and for raising awareness about thrombosis in Italy.

Fedele is a pulmonary embolism (PE) survivor who established the patient advocacy group Vincere La Trombosi, which translates to "Overcome Thrombosis" in Italian. Vincere La Trombosi organizes World Thrombosis Day awareness activities throughout the year and oversees an impressive online presence with thousands of followers on social media.

Fedele frequently collaborates with local gyms and organizations to plan events that highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle to reduce a person's thrombosis risk. Fedele also leverages the World Thrombosis Day campaign's #MyClotStory program by identifying thrombosis patients in Italy and sharing their stories in Italian to inspire other patients and survivors.

As the World Thrombosis Day 2020 Ambassador of the Year, Fedele receives an award package, including a $3,000 USD donation to a thrombosis charity of her choice and a complimentary prize pack to be used at her World Thrombosis Day awareness events and activities.

Additionally, Debra Bryant (USA) has been recognized as an honorable mention awardee for the World Thrombosis Day Ambassador of the Year Award for her achievements in raising awareness about thrombosis in her community.


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