Todd Robertson

Patient Representative
United States of America

Patient Representative
World Thrombosis Day Steering Committee
Iowa, USA

Todd Robertson was named the World Thrombosis Day 2021 Ambassador of the Year. He is a six-time blood clot survivor who suffers from a clotting condition called Factor V Leiden. He serves as the Outreach Coordinator for River Programs at the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (USA).

Following his multiple diagnoses, Robertson created a blood clot support group on Facebook to help other patients and survivors. Today, Robertson is an administrator and moderator of six patient support groups on social media totaling more than 40,000 members. He organizes local awareness activities in his home state of Iowa, including a pulmonary embolism survivor bike ride, “Climb for Clots” activity and lunch-and-learn events at local businesses.

Robertson serves on the National Blood Clot Alliance (NBCA) Board of Directors and he is a member of the NBCA’s Sports and Wellness Institute.