21 Ways to Participate in World Thrombosis Day 2021 on Social Media

August 5, 2021

21 Ways to Participate in World Thrombosis Day 2021 on Social Media

  1. Follow the official WTD accounts on social media:
    1. Facebook: @WorldThrombosisDay
    2. Twitter: @ThrombosisDay
    3. Instagram: @ThrombosisDay
    4. YouTube: @WorldThrombosisDay
    5. TikTok: @WorldThrombosisDay
  2. Like, comment and share posts from World Thrombosis Day.
  3. Encourage your following to participate and join World Thrombosis Day. You can use the World Thrombosis Day Social Media Guide for messages to share.
  4. Change your cover photo on each social media platform to a World Thrombosis Day banner.
  5. Add a World Thrombosis Day profile frame to your Facebook and Instagram profiles.
  6. Create an Instagram reel or TikTok sharing the signs, symptoms and risk factors of a blood clot.
  7. Don’t forget to use the official World Thrombosis Day hashtags in each post and tag WTD: #WTDay21 and #WorldThrombosisDay.
  8. Take a Survivor Selfie and share the photo on social media.
  9. Share your story and complete a #MyClotStory profile here. World Thrombosis Day will then create and share your story on social media.
  10. Host a Facebook Live or Instagram Live and share the signs, symptoms and risk factors of blood clots. Don’t forget to tag and invite World Thrombosis Day.
  11. Partner with your healthcare provider to participate in an online informational session for patients on the signs, symptoms and risk factors associated with thrombosis. 
  12.  Purchase World Thrombosis Day merchandise from the online merchandise shop and host online giveaways while sharing key facts and information on thrombosis. 
  13. Create a virtual countdown to October 13 with facts about #bloodclots beginning on October 1. You can use free platforms such a canva.com to create images and graphics.
  14. Participate in a Social Media Takeover and collaborate with a local organization, media outlet or hospital and “take over” their official account sharing World Thrombosis Day materials and information. 
  15. Create and host an online trivia game using WTD information. Provide prizes for the winners from the WTD shop. 
  16. Host on online workout on World Thrombosis Day to #KeepLifeFlowing.
  17. Reach out to Instagram influencers to post about World Thrombosis Day and the importance of blood clot awareness.
  18. Host a live question and answer session on blood clots on your Instagram.
  19. Download World Thrombosis Day information facts sheets and post them on your social media
  20. Join the conversation on October 13 at 11:00 a.m. (US-ET) for the official World Thrombosis Day Twitter Chat. This premier WTD event is a great platform to share valuable information on blood clots and to learn more about the risk factors and signs and symptoms. Join us using #ClotChat.
  21. Participate in the #MyWTDWhy video challenge and film a 30 second video from your phone and share why World Thrombosis Day is important to you. Upload it online and use the hashtag #MyWTDWhy and tag WTD.


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